Research Focus and Field of Research

Research Focus

Outcome Orientation and Sustainability in Healthcare

We, the disciplines Nutrition and Dietetics, Obstetrics, Care and Physical Therapy, carry out research for and with our partners in healthcare and in an interdisciplinary environment. Our research focuses on sustainable, innovative and effective measures for the maintenance, recovery and improvement of health among patients and their relatives. On main concern is therefore the health of the individual. Our priorities lie in seeking collaboration and participation, addressing implementation at the interface between theory and practice and ensuring close proximity to the field of research is maintained. These are the aspects which characterise our work.

Research fields

Psychosocial Health, Health Promotion, Prevention

Our research into psychosocial health addresses the psychological and physical stress arising in the social environment (often leading to actual illness) which can affect patients and their environment. The research focuses on ways of improving healthcare provision to support the maintenance and recovery of health and well-being. The centre of attention is always on those affected - on them as individuals, on their relationships and on their wider social environment. Accordingly, the questions we pose in our research projects address effective promotion of psychological and/or physical health and prevention, and investigate those factors that influence health. We also seek opportunities for boosting patients’ health and ensuring they can access health promotion measures.

Assessments, Interventions, Outcomes

In our research, conducted together with users, we develop occupational assessments, interventions and outcomes, or evaluate those already existing. Within this, careful empirical investigation of existing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (assessments and interventions) and their practicability is important. New developments are taking place to address areas in which successful therapeutic procedures with meaningful validation via scientifically proven measurement (outcomes) are not yet available.  

Specialist personnel  –  Development and Challenges

Our research in the field of human resources in healthcare aims to support and improve the effective and health-promoting deployment of personnel. This research relies on the broad involvement of people in the healthcare sector, and aims to provide “Best Practice” in the overall professional context. In the area of management and/or leadership, our research focuses on working conditions tailored to meet the increasing demands placed on personnel competencies, such as adequate grade-and-skill mixes or adequate work organisation and environment. Our efforts to support professional skills cover the innovation, creativity and anticipation needed to meet future professional requirements.