Vision and Purpose

Innovative research that delivers!

Research and Partnered Cooperation 

We work with and on behalf of those involved in healthcare and carry out research-, development- and service-based projects in the fields of acute and long-term nursing as well as in psychiatric and outpatient care. Our work represents a sustainable contribution to the continuous improvement of the nursing services, treatment and care provided to people who are ill, have impaired health or suffer from the effects of old age or disability. 

Innovation and success 

Our research is evidence and application-based and linked to actual practice. The projects we conduct are focused on one discipline or are interdisciplinary. We develop innovative solutions by collaborating with various research disciplines, for instance together with Physiotherapy, with the Department of Engineering and Information Technology and communication design at the Bern College of Arts (HKB). The methods we employ range from the tried and tested to the future-oriented. We set great store by our painstaking working methods and on close cooperation. Our strengths are our expertise, efficiency and reliability. Our focus lies on the following innovation areas:

  • Psycho-social health 
  • Healthcare – personnel skills and development 
  • Quality indicators and quality development 
  • Technologisation of the healthcare system 

Expertise and added value

Our research team consists of highly-qualified academics. We work in a multi-disciplinary team in which the sciences of health and nursing are combined with psychology and sociology to generate synergies. This range of expertise enables us to adopt a working method that is subject-focused and orientated towards both application and practice. Our skills are supplemented by multilingualism and an international network of contacts in the fields of practice and research.