Programme structure

The Master of Science in Physiotherapy course is equivalent to 90 ECTS credits, has a modular structure and takes the form of an extra-occupational study programme.

The MScPT has a modular structure and consists of the following subject areas:

Focus area (30 ECTS)
The study course is available with different clinical focus areas as well as the non-clinical focus area professional development. Clinical focus areas The modules in this subject area focus on knowledge and practical skills in diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention techniques relevant to physiotherapy and illness-based issues with a special focus on current insights, patient education and interdisciplinary cooperation. The clinical focus areas are offered in an alternating two-year rhythm by BFH and ZHAW. Professional experience in the respective focus area is not required for admission to the program. Applicants are required, however, to have access to patients in the respective focus area during their studies.

Musculoskeletal (OMT in accreditation) (next in 2018)
- Sports (next in 2019)
Neurology (next in 2019)

Sports (next in 2018)
Paediatrics (next in 2018)
Musculoskeletal (with OMT title) (next in 2019) 

Focus area professional development
The modules in this subject area focus on topics such as implementation of research outcomes in clinical practice as well as other physiotherapy-relevant topics such as chronic care management, patient education , e-health, business models, (inter-)professional communication, marketing aspects and the implementation of new technologies in physiotherapy. In addition, selected topics in the fields of musculoskeletal, internal organs and vessels, neurology and geriatrics will be discussed according to their current state of evidence and research methods in structural and movement biomechanics will be deepened.

At both universities:
Professional development (next in 2017)

Research methodologies (30 ECTS credits)

The modules in this subject area are designed to provide greater insight into the use of research methodologies in the physiotherapeutic, medical as well as interdisciplinary and interprofessional context.

Transfer (10 ECTS credits)

In various transfer modules, the knowledge acquired in the degree programme will be transferred to practice. The students will learn about various practical fields and will acquire practical skills for use in the clinical field,, research and development of their competencies.

Master's thesis (20 ECTS credits)

The Master's thesis is an academic project in which students will be required to apply the acquired research methods and work on an issue relevant to physiotherapy.

*Application for the MSc is possible at both institutes of higher education regardless of the chosen clinical specialisations.