Master of Science in Physiotherapie

The Master degree programme in physiotherapy will enhance your knowledge of evidence-based physiotherapy and teach you how to apply research methodologies. The musculoskeletal, neurology and sport specialisations enable you to expand your clinical expertise, while the professional development specialisation gives you the necessary skills for employment in research, teaching and in new, expanded roles in hospitals related to new healthcare challenges. Traineeships with our partners or in research teams provide you with an excellent opportunity to grow your professional network during your studies and learn new intellectual approaches and perspectives from renowned teaching staff from Switzerland and abroad. 


Title / Qualification:
Master of Science in Physiotherapy

- Musculoskeletal
- Neurology
- Sports
- Professional development

Program study options:
Full or part-time/in conjunction with a job

Language(s) of instruction:
German and English


Course begins:
Week 38

Deadline for applications:



As a physiotherapy expert, you are capable of independently analysing and treating complex clinical problems within a broad theoretical context, or processing them in accordance with needs and requirements. You make new, clinically relevant knowledge accessible in practical contexts – such as through the development and implementation of evidence-based clinical treatment concepts. You are capable of teaching subjects in Bachelor degree programmes or further education courses and/or you can work in research and assist with the planning, acquisition, implementation and publication of research projects.

Title + Qualification:
Upon successful completion of the Master studies, you will be awarded the title Master of Science BFH in Physiotherapy. The Master diploma is recognised at a federal level within Switzerland, as well as being compatible across Europe and an internationally recognised university degree. It will improve your mobility on the international labour market and enable you to continue your academic education with a doctorate in science.

Occupational profile + Perspectives:
After you have completed the Master studies, your primary occupational area will be working in a clinical context as a physiotherapy expert. In addition to clinical physiotherapy, you will also be eligible for a broad range of positions in research, education and management. In combination with your choice of clinical specialisation, you will be capable of taking on future positions as an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP).