Programme structure

The consecutive Master of Science in Nursing degree programme has a modular structure; to acquire the qualification, students are required to obtain 90 ECTS credits. The full-time course is spread over three semesters while the part-time course has a duration of approximately six semesters. Courses requiring attendance are usually held on Wednesdays to Fridays, from 9.15 am to 5.15 pm. The course commences once a year, always in calendar week 38.

The programme has a modular structure consisting of four module groups. The programme ends with the preparation of a Master's thesis. The topics of the individual modules are embedded in these general groups and are taught over the standard study period of three semesters (full-time) or six semesters (part-time). The individual modules are each worth 5 ECTS credits, while the Master's thesis is awarded 20 ECTS credits. Some modules you visit with students of the Master of Science Midwifery.

You will find more detailed information about the module groups below and their content in our student guide.

Nursing Development module group: 20 ECTS credits

This module group combines modules on nursing development. They provide an extended basis for specialised nursing development and are designed to teach various skills required for further professional development and the development of new care models.
- Clinical Ethics (5 ECTS credits)
- Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) (5 ECTS credits)
- Communication (5 ECTS credits)
- Concepts of Practice (5 ECTS credits)

Research module group: 25 ECTS credits

The Research module group covers topics such as qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistics and evaluation and provides students with the skills to carry out application-orientated research projects independently.
 - Theories and Concepts (5 ECTS credits)
- Research Methods I (5 ECTS credits)
- Research Methods II (5 ECTS credits)
- Statistics (5 ECTS credits)
- Research Planning and Evaluation(5 ECTS credits)

Advanced Nursing module group: 15 ECTS credits

The Nursing Specialisation module group focuses on the subject of evidence-based nursing. You will be able to extend your specialist and methodical skills in the various modules.
- Advanced Clinical Assessment (5 ECTS credits)
- Intervention and Outcome (5 ECTS credits)
- Self-Management (5 ECTS credits)

Transfer module group: 10 ECTS credits

This module group consists of two internships; these can be based in a research or clinical nursing environment or in other areas of the healthcare system. Students can use the internships to apply and extend their theoretical knowledge acquired in specific subjects such as advanced practice nursing (APN), research, leadership or nursing development in a practical or research field of their choice. The aim is to identify and evaluate the challenges involved in applying theory to practice.

Master's thesis: 20 ECTS credits

The fifth module group, the Master's thesis, completes the degree programme. It should be used to combine the knowledge acquired through research modules with current insights into the selected nursing specialisation. Students will use appropriate techniques to investigate an issue of relevance to practice, and will present their research and findings in a research paper that is written at an appropriate academic level. The thesis should outline the various phases of the research process and provide a justification for, a consideration and evaluation of the conclusions.