Range of services

The IT Services Department at Bern University of Applied Sciences provides a number of generally available services for students, lecturers and staff members. An overview of generally available services:

IT resources

The following are available to all BFH members:

  • A personal user account for all staff members and students 
  • Personal work stations (for staff members) and general work stations (for students) 
  • Storage space for data, network drives for teams 
  • A safe directory for your personal data 
  • A personal e-mail inbox with push technology 
  • Access to printers and copiers 
  • The 'BFHcard': this is your personal BFH ID that gives you access to BFH premises and can be used for payment of everything from printing costs to use of the cafeteria.

Online services

BFH members can access their files and manage their e-mail inbox using a current web browser. Other services are available and can be accessed via Sharepoint, Typo3, Moodle and other systems.

Standardised 'Single Sign On' login and standardised Windows programmes

The 'Single Sign On' system allows BFH members to access all services using the same BFH user name and their personal password. Standardised work environments are also available in the form of the 'BFH Client Setup' for permanently installed computers and the 'BFH Notebook Setup' for portable computers. Almost all publicly accessible BFH computers use the same systems, and offer standardised programmes and services.

BFH networks and links to BFH

BFH has an optical fibre network that links the various sites. BFH and Bern University both have access to the internet via Switch. The individual BFH sites are connected via optical fibre and copper cables. In addition, most sites have Wi-Fi access. The various wireless networks offered by commercial W-Lan providers (the hotspots provided by Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange, etc.) can also be used free of charge anywhere in Switzerland.

Private computers connected to the internet by ADSL or other fixed-line networks can establish safe data links to the BFH network and the protected servers, services and resources offered by BFH. A dial-up option is available for modem links. 

Cost-effective hardware and software

Computers, notebooks and software can be purchased at reduced prices as part of various special offers. Certain programmes (antivirus software) are available free of charge.

Data security and privacy

It is the objective of the central IT Services Department and the various IT services divisions of the individual departments to achieve a high level of security. Thus passwords are transferred only in encrypted form, spam e-mails are filtered out as efficiently as possible and antivirus software is available free of charge to everyone. Central data storage facilities and user directories (user homes) are backed up at least once a day. In the event of data loss, users should be able to restore at least some of their data.