Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

The focus of the course is on nutritional science and clinical nutrition. On completion of their training, graduates are able to perform the work of a clinical dietitian which typically involves the planning, implementation and monitoring of clinical dietary therapies such as individual and group consultations. Graduates are expected to work closely with physicians and other key members of the healthcare team and to translate evidence-based nutritional science into everyday information and advice about food for patients and their families.

Future students should enjoy communicating with people and be willing to develop communication and counselling skills that improve patient motivation and empower them to change their dietary habits.

Although the focus of the course is on nutritional science and clinical
nutrition, the course is sufficiently versatile to allow graduates to work in a wide range of other settings including the food or medical nutrition industry or community care. Full-time studies are followed by a compulsory additional clinical practice module lasting ten months.

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