The Department of Health Professions is part of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH.

The Department of Health Professions is an operational business unit that is largely autonomous and provides an entire range of services, including degree and further education courses, offers support services and undertakes applied research and development. 

We offer training and continuing education courses at the university level in the field of healthcare.

Study courses according to the Bologna system

Courses conclude in the acquisition of an academic title in accordance with the Bologna system: Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc).

We offer the following bachelor courses:

Bachelor students require a higher education entrance qualification (matura, vocational baccalaureate, specialised matura). Two of the study courses are directed at healthcare professionals with HF diplomas (AKP, PsyKP, KWS, IKP, DN II): BSc Midwifery (condensed study course) and BSc Nursing (extra-occupational study course).

A masters study  course (Master of Science) can follow the successful conclusion of a bachelor study course. It conveys an in-depth and broad theoretical knowledge base and includes an introduction to scientific research. The MSc qualifies holders to pursue an academic career, i.e. for a doctorate / PhD. We offer the following masters courses:

Continuing Education 

The continuing education program has a modular design and is open to professionals with occupational experience. The following options are available:

Specialised courses offer an opportunity to deepen specific knowledge within the scope of courses lasting a day or more. You can combine CAS and DAS qualifications to a certain extent to obtain the MAS qualification acknowledged in Switzerland.

We offer continuing education courses in the following areas:


We offer a variety of services, such as in-house continuing education classes, specialist couseling,  communication training, contract research / evaluations, quality management in healthcare and congresses / symposia.
Available services


We initiate, plan and carry out research projects in these two priority research areas: