Summer School 2017

«Nutritional Aspects in Rehabilitation Exercise»
(2nd Edition in Bern)

In cooperation with VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Summer School

«Nutritional Aspects in Rehabilitation Exercise» (2nd Edition in Bern)

21 – 25 August 2017

The second edition of the Summer School on «Nutritional Aspects in Rehabilitation Exercise» at Bern University of Applied Sciences – Health Division took place from 21st until 25th August 2017 and was organized in close cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The programme concerned aspects of nutrition linked to rehabilitation exercise. The focus was on the complex relation between (individualized) nutrition, rehabilitation (exercise) and health.

The objectives

  • The participants will be able to explain the relationship between nutrition and rehabilitation exercise, based on current evidence and state-of-the-art information.
  • They will be able to conduct nutritional and biochemical-physiological assessments following up-to-date clinical and epidemiologic guidelines.
  • Furthermore, participants can conduct a critical reading of meta-analyses within the field of nutrition and rehabilitation.
  • Hence, participants may profit from an improved transfer of basic and applied research into daily clinical practice.

The programme offers participants the unique opportunity to widen their network, as well as to interact with other professionals and get insights in their teaching and research activities.

The target group

Health professionals and advanced students (nutritionists, dietitians, physiotherapists, exercise therapists, physicians, etc.) who are interested in applied sciences and who want to work with clinicians and students from different disciplines.