Florence Network Annual Meeting 2017

Networking at the FNAM was powerful!

This year, the 25th Florence Network Annual Meeting took place in Switzerland from 18th to 22nd of April 2017 on the topic of «Mental Health: Global Challenge - Local Actions». Around 130 guests from Europe and 70 guests from Switzerland participated in the FNAM 2017 in Bern and Winterthur. 

During the week, renowned keynote speakers spoke about the topic of Mental Health from various perspectives like nursing, midwifery and public health. The participants also had the opportunity to attend poster sessions and a choice of 20 workshops on different topics from nursing and midwifery, while the Florence Network Exchange Coordinators (FLECO’s) attended the FLECO meeting. For the students, separate programs in the evening and student workshops were organized.  Regarding networking, FLECOs, teachers and students had the opportunity to present their own university, international mobility opportunities and study programmes at the market place. Finally, the participants could gain an insight into the Swiss health care system at the «study visits». The results of the electronic evaluation show that the participants were particularly impressed by the study visits in the different health institutions in Bern.

The atmosphere at the FNAM was familiar and many people already knew each other from past annual meetings. The conference stimulated the possibilities for further networking among partner institutions of nursing and midwifery in higher education. The international mobility and cooperation between students and lecturers may lead to an improvement of the quality of European higher education in nursing and midwifery.

Results of the electronic evaluation
The results of the electronic evaluation with 59 respondents illustrate that the overall impression of the FNAM 2017 is very good. The participants were satisfied with the scientific programme and they were interested in the different topics. The results also show that the participants recieved new information about other FNAM member institutions and that they had enough time for networking and the FL-ECO meetings. Regarding the meals, refreshments, music, accommodation and the social trip, the participants were very satisfied. They were also very pleased with the information prior to the meeting and most of them had a very good impression of the organization.

The Florence Network members are now looking forward to the 26th Florence Network Annual Meeting in Brussels!

















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