Master of Science in Nursing

The consecutive Master degree programme «Master of Science in Nursing» expands a nurse’s professional and methodological competence. It qualifies graduates to take on new roles and responsibilities in order to enhance the demand-oriented and evidence-based development of both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.

The standardized Bologna system has divided tertiary education into two phases. The Master of Science constitutes the second phase and is devised as a continuation of the Bachelor of Science.

The Master degree programme in Nursing is a joint effort between the Bern, St. Gallen, and Zürich Universities of Applied Sciences. The programme begins once a year in September in calendar week 38.

Admission fee (single payment)      CHF 100.-
Fee for appraisal of aptitude     CHF 200.-
Tutition fee per semester     CHF 750.-
Examination fee per semester     CHF   80.-
Cost of material     CHF   20.-
Software SPSS Statistics per yearca CHF 100.-

Additional charges include fees for study materials (photocopies, internet access) and the issuing of certificates. The costs for books and software are between CHF 600.- and 800.-.

Personal notebook

Our students are expected to possess a personal computer (preferably portable) and efficient internet access. The Bern University of Applied Sciences will assist students in the acquisition of a computer.


Students at the Bern University of Applied Sciences are eligible for scholarships; it is thus possible for you to apply for a scholarship.

Further information are available on the website from the BUAS

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